For Mom

Mom’s blog is started!!!


This first post starts the quest of writing for Mom through her daughters eyes. Mom has passed June 14 2008. A very loving and caring Mom with a huge calling to write. Unfortunately it never came to be.  As her only child, I  had the duty of cleaning out her apt. With a deep breath and a determination to get through it I sorted and cleaned and packed it all up. I now have a few containers of items I hope will provide some thought for posts on this blog. The past 6 years of my life have been a whirl wind of sorts and an unbelievable journey down paths I really don’t want to remember. Now that things are settling down a bit, although, still very busy trying to set things right, i hope to slowly look though and enjoy some time with Mom’s treasures. I am praying these…

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NaBloPoMo Day 30 last day!

As I post for the last time for NaBloPoMo I thank all the fellow bloggers for reading, commenting and liking my posts :-). I also thank you for all the great variety of posts that I have read, commented on and liked. It really has been fun, entertaining and informative. I look forward to the continued blogging and reading of this wonderful community of new found adventures and friends!!

My next goals include my “Purple Elegance and Lace” blog for my Mom (purple elegance was already taken by someone so I added “and Lace”), My Sweet Bullie blog for Maggie Mae and my whatever posts for my Our life in the moment blog… I may also do a bit of the e-writing 101 for tips here and there :-). A bit of fun for me…

Now I am on my way to PurpleEleganceandLace to work on getting it up and published today! I will reblog here, to this blog, when it is published.

NaBloPoMo Day 29 Mother Teresa

Being that November and Thanksgiving are just about over I’m feeling a little reflective. Christmas is coming and the feeling of thankfulness and gratitude is slipping its way right in! I am so thankful for where I am. I turn and look down the road of past, I look where I stand today and then invasion the road ahead… I am truly blessed and live with much gratitude thanking God everyday!!! Things could have turned out so differently!! I welcome this opportunity to help others, to understand and not judge as I have been there, to smile and to love :-). My blogger friends, may your last day of November tomorrow and your fist day of December on Monday lead you into a beautiful and wonderful December filled with love. :-).

Leaving you with this reflective thought from Mother Teresa:

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.”

Yum!!! Papa’s cooking :-)

My sweet Bullie smelling the goods!!! 🙂


Oh boy, oh boy!!! Iz smelin it… Papa iz cooking!!

photo 2 - Copy

When Papa cooks the whole houz smells sooo good. If I beg enough sometimes Iz gets to taste it too :-).

photo 1

Okay, Iz goin go givz it a try… wish me luck         begging

Yum, yum Id get it myself but i don’t have thumbs…  🙂

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NaBloPoMo Day 28 Shopping :-(

Run me over

Mow me down

Look man here I come!!

In the store, wanting more..

mine, mine, mine I say!!

Do not touch, do not grab

least I stab you in the ab

Life means nothing

I’m going hunting

sales are it!!!

Live you say

then stay away

come what may

you will pay!!!

I, in particular, do not care to get involved with black Friday. I have never jumped in as that kind of shopping takes the joy out of it for me. I would rather take my time and enjoy the sound of Christmas bells, the decorations…. I know discounts are great and I really don’t have the funds to being paying top dollar but I just don’t enjoy the crowds, the pushing, the grabbing and rudeness. Oh well, maybe someday???

NaBloPoMo Day 27 Happy Thanksgiving!!

I would like to wish all my blogging friends and the blogging community a very happy Thanksgiving!!! Hope it was a good one for all!

I just got back from a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration at my daughters. Family and friends, plenty of great food and lots of fun!! I feel very blessed and very thankful :-). She lives way up on the mountain and the roads this year were slushy and a bit slippery but everyone made it. We are looking at a big storm and arctic air coming in for late tomorrow so again I feel very blessed to have had a great weather day for everyone to get around.

NaBloPoMo Day 26 NYC

As I was passing by the TV this evening I saw the ad for the Macy’s Day Thanksgiving Parade. That sent a cloud of memories and a thought production of reflections… Going back to my childhood years ago, living in Connecticut, my Mom would take me to NYC every year around Christmas time! Wonderful years of fond memories of time spent together in what I think is one of the most wonderful cities I know! We would wake up that day, have breakfast and get ready for our day affair. We would cross the street in front of our house and take the bus that would drop us off at the Bridgeport train station right downtown. The ride on the train was filled with anticipation and excitement. I loved to watch the buildings fly by, the traffic on the streets and all the different train stops along the way with the conductor walking through the aisles clicking tickets and checking the cars. Me and Mom together on a day trip to the big city where we would look at the retail store Christmas window displays, watch the ice skating at Rockefeller center, have lunch and just float around the big city engaged in people watching, hot pretzels, popcorn and tons of all kinds of activity. Totally awesome! The memories so vivid they seem like yesterday., I always remember one Christmas window display in particular: Macy’s window had a Christmas display made up of dogs in a village setting. It was snowing and the gas attendant (a handsome Dalmatian) was pumping gas for another dog who was pulled up at the pumps when this red convertible with a very pretty blond with dark sunglasses pulled up!! . Well as she pulls in he is absolutely mesmerized and can not help turning to follow her with his eyes. As he does so the gas pump he is holding goes with him and gas is flowing everywhere and the other dog is getting very angry. It was hilarious!! I will always have that etched in my memory. Or the year we were getting ready to head home and my Mom kept saying to me watch your bag, watch your bag… well while she was so concerned with mine she had hers lifted!! We ended up at the police station as all her money was stolen and we could not get home. I was so intrigued with the police station. I had never seen so many interesting kinds of people… Woman with skits up to their rear end, people who couldn’t walk or talk straight, people in handcuffs. Again, amazing!! The police got us tickets for the train and we made it back home but wow was that a trip to New York to remember! I wouldn’t have given up any of those New York trips for the world! Is was me and Mom’s time. Our special time where no one else could take it away. Thanks Mom for the most beautiful, happy and fun filled days to NYC.. I love you 🙂

NaBloPoMo Day 25 Through my daughter’s eyes!!

As I sit here and think about writing a blog for my Mom, the one she never had the chance to write, I wonder if I can really do it?? It is so scary!! I wonder if I will be able to do justice to her writings? It is going to be a bit of a shaky road at first and probably not to many posts. I need to find her notes and sort through her writings… I am going to need time to do all this so it will definitely start out very slow. I will need patience. I guess the first thing I need to do is to start a new blog just for her. Purple was always her favorite color and she loved white lace so the blog will be “Purple Elegance” and the tag line will be “through my daughters eyes” . Wow, sounds good, but the material is going to have to back it up! It’s like looking at this wonderful appetizing plate of food that is presented in a beautiful display and decorative fashion but unless the taste backs it up the presentation will mean nothing!!  That is the scary part!!  Hum… must think a little more!!!


NaBloPoMo Day 24 , Writing 101

If you could zoom through space in the speed of light, what place would you go to right now? Choose a place to which you’d like to be transported if you could — and tell us the back- story. How does this specific location affect you?

So I go back in time to the summer of 2007. My Mom and I are in Kennebunk Maine. We live in Florida but Mom is not doing well and while she is still able I want to bring her back to her favorite place (the oceans of Maine). Her soul sings on the beaches of Maine as she walks in memory of all her whispers with the ocean! We are in this beautiful Inn by the Sea. Her room faces the cliffs. She can see and hear the mighty waves of the ocean as it sprays the cliffs with foam. Her eyes sparkle with delight and child like excitement as she curls up in a big chair by the bay window and watches. I see a tear, not of sadness, but of delight as she shares the gifts of the sea. No words can even attempt to describe the touch of that moment. Her joy, her thankfulness, her spirit… all she asks is to come back to the sea. Her dream of a house, by the Maine cliffs of the captivating sea have come true, if even for only a weekend. The beauty is everywhere and I am filled with a gratitude and love for my Mom that I will never forget.

NaBloPoMo Day 23 Break-in!!

I just read a post by Swoosieque and it has brought back a memory to write about. This story is about a robber breaking in to our home when I was about 10 years old and home alone!!

I was only about 10 years old. Mom and I lived with my grandparents and Uncle in a 2 story cape home. My mom worked the 8am till 5p shift, my grandparents worked at the same shop and didn’t get home till about 3:30p and Uncle Stanley always took the bus downtown at a certain part of the day (he was retired). Me, well when school let out I would walk at least a mile to catch the bus that would drop me off about 3p at my home. I was a latch key kid :-).

So, on this particular day my grandparents would be home a little later then usual as it was their food shopping day on the way home from work. Mom was still at work and Uncle Stanley had taken the bus downtown for a haircut. School let out as usual, the day was nice and the walk was uneventful. The bus arrived with my favorite bus driver (they all new me and took really good care of me, mom new I was well supervised) plus of course I was a “good girl” :-).  I still remember the 2 different bus drivers faces, I think one was Ed but can’t remember the other, just what they looked like! Anyway, back to the story… I got off at my stop as usual, went up to the front door, unlocked and went inside. All was good. Put my school stuff away, settled into the living room chair and put the TV on. Then the drama began to unfold…

I’m going to back up for a second; I was told never to open the door for a stranger especially while you are home alone! I will also mention that, if you are in the house looking out the front window, to the left of our house was what they called a query. It was a vacant lot with a huge cliff, trees and led into a woodsy area (in other words very easy to disappear in..). To the right side was a neighbor with a super high fence and never talked to us. Across the street was a big park that went for miles. Our backyard went all the way back with some trees and small rolling hill and touch only the backyards of our neighbors. I’m trying to give you the picture of how easy it was to break in and not many, if any, would notice! Well, the 2nd house down on the right, this information will be important later, lived a family with a doberman Pincer and the man was Mr. Bridgeport winner, you know the weight lifter winner for our city! Okay back to the story!

So I’m sitting in the living room watching a show and the doorbell rings… Hum, now what?? I shut off the TV and peek around the corner from the living room into the kitchen where the door to the breezeway (the inclosed area between the house and the garage) is. This door is made of wood and a little more than halfway up were 3 very small windows that went up, one at a time and at an angle to each other. I hope I described that okay? As I was listening and staring at the door waiting for the bell again or for this person to leave I heard the inside to the garage door open?? Why was this person going into our garage? Now you can only imagine  what a 10 year old girl might be thinking? What was to happen next froze me to the wall frame I was leaning against. Beyond a 10 year old imagination I could not believe what was happening. This big hairy arm, holding a hammer in its hand, was raised up against the lowest small pane window. And yup, you guessed it… smack and bang and shattering glass!! Now I’m talking to myself in disbelief as I watch this hairy arm reaching through the broken window toward the doorknob!!! What do I do? which way do i go? Ah, the front door…no,no I’ll bet he has partner waiting outside the door (watched to many movies).. I chose to run upstairs (no one said a 10 year old was the smartest!!). I ran into my room where the phone was and called my Mother at work. Now I’m going to step back again for just a moment. You see, there were times when I was well called well kind of a joker :-).  Back to the call. The conversation went sort of like this: Mom (and I’m whispering) there is someone in the house. Mom: What?? Me: A guy rang the doorbell and when I didn’t answer went into the garage, got a hammer, broke the glass and opened the door!! Mom: Wow, that’s a good one. Stop fooling around, I’m busy at work. I’ll call you later. Me: I’m not kidding there really is someone in the house. Somehow she got the message that I was not kidding. Mom: hang the phone up and go hide in the closet.. To this day I still remember that closet.. My mother had so many shoes, and I mean a ton, all lined up perfectly… So where in the world does one safely stand among rows of perfectly lined shoes??? Standing and hiding afraid of the shoe domino effect, you know knock one and they all go boom!! I could hear him walking around downstairs as I stood not moving a muscle wondering how I was going to stay alive? The next thing I heard was this commotion and a voice saying “Dee, Dee where are you?” I came out of the closet ever so quietly and then my 10 year old brain said to me ,in a quite voice of course, “I don’t know how he found out my name turn around and go back into the closet” After about what seemed like hours the people I told you about earlier, you know the one with the Doberman and Mr Bridgeport, had ran over to our house. You see my wonderful, quick thinking Mom had saved my life by calling the neighbors first and then the police. They rushed over with their dog, the robber had seen them coming dove out my Uncle’s bedroom window as they came in through the breezeway door. I was saved!! The cops came, Mom came home, grandma and grandpa came home and of course Uncle Stanley came home on the same bus with the same driver to a house of people and police. A funny part of this story is my Uncle never really believed in banks. He had hidden his cash money all rolled up in his socks and the robber, in looking for things, had thrown the socks all over the floor LOL. The police took the hammer, which we never saw again, and a year later we got robbed again… but that is another story for another time. The only important part of that right now is that this time, see we think it was the same person, he went upstairs!!!

I am alive and very thankful for all the quick action that was taken!! I feel very blessed :-). Wow, what a memory that was!!

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