The link to an awesome discovery!!

Thank you Mom for your Christmas gift,,, love you and miss you, your memories are forever etched in my heart and your stories are forever written… this link will take you to tonight’s great discovery please click on, Awesome Discovery  to read the post 🙂 !!

An appropriate start ?

Today I think I will begin with a small post on Mom”s blog, So if you don’t mind clicking here: PurpleEleganceandLace and continuing reading there that would be wonderful… Thank you. 🙂

NaBloPoMo Day 30 last day!

As I post for the last time for NaBloPoMo I thank all the fellow bloggers for reading, commenting and liking my posts :-). I also thank you for all the great variety of posts that I have read, commented on and liked. It really has been fun, entertaining and informative. I look forward to the continued blogging and reading of this wonderful community of new found adventures and friends!!

My next goals include my “Purple Elegance and Lace” blog for my Mom (purple elegance was already taken by someone so I added “and Lace”), My Sweet Bullie blog for Maggie Mae and my whatever posts for my Our life in the moment blog… I may also do a bit of the e-writing 101 for tips here and there :-). A bit of fun for me…

Now I am on my way to PurpleEleganceandLace to work on getting it up and published today! I will reblog here, to this blog, when it is published.

NaBloPoMo Day 26 NYC

As I was passing by the TV this evening I saw the ad for the Macy’s Day Thanksgiving Parade. That sent a cloud of memories and a thought production of reflections… Going back to my childhood years ago, living in Connecticut, my Mom would take me to NYC every year around Christmas time! Wonderful years of fond memories of time spent together in what I think is one of the most wonderful cities I know! We would wake up that day, have breakfast and get ready for our day affair. We would cross the street in front of our house and take the bus that would drop us off at the Bridgeport train station right downtown. The ride on the train was filled with anticipation and excitement. I loved to watch the buildings fly by, the traffic on the streets and all the different train stops along the way with the conductor walking through the aisles clicking tickets and checking the cars. Me and Mom together on a day trip to the big city where we would look at the retail store Christmas window displays, watch the ice skating at Rockefeller center, have lunch and just float around the big city engaged in people watching, hot pretzels, popcorn and tons of all kinds of activity. Totally awesome! The memories so vivid they seem like yesterday., I always remember one Christmas window display in particular: Macy’s window had a Christmas display made up of dogs in a village setting. It was snowing and the gas attendant (a handsome Dalmatian) was pumping gas for another dog who was pulled up at the pumps when this red convertible with a very pretty blond with dark sunglasses pulled up!! . Well as she pulls in he is absolutely mesmerized and can not help turning to follow her with his eyes. As he does so the gas pump he is holding goes with him and gas is flowing everywhere and the other dog is getting very angry. It was hilarious!! I will always have that etched in my memory. Or the year we were getting ready to head home and my Mom kept saying to me watch your bag, watch your bag… well while she was so concerned with mine she had hers lifted!! We ended up at the police station as all her money was stolen and we could not get home. I was so intrigued with the police station. I had never seen so many interesting kinds of people… Woman with skits up to their rear end, people who couldn’t walk or talk straight, people in handcuffs. Again, amazing!! The police got us tickets for the train and we made it back home but wow was that a trip to New York to remember! I wouldn’t have given up any of those New York trips for the world! Is was me and Mom’s time. Our special time where no one else could take it away. Thanks Mom for the most beautiful, happy and fun filled days to NYC.. I love you 🙂

NaBloPoMo Day 24 , Writing 101

If you could zoom through space in the speed of light, what place would you go to right now? Choose a place to which you’d like to be transported if you could — and tell us the back- story. How does this specific location affect you?

So I go back in time to the summer of 2007. My Mom and I are in Kennebunk Maine. We live in Florida but Mom is not doing well and while she is still able I want to bring her back to her favorite place (the oceans of Maine). Her soul sings on the beaches of Maine as she walks in memory of all her whispers with the ocean! We are in this beautiful Inn by the Sea. Her room faces the cliffs. She can see and hear the mighty waves of the ocean as it sprays the cliffs with foam. Her eyes sparkle with delight and child like excitement as she curls up in a big chair by the bay window and watches. I see a tear, not of sadness, but of delight as she shares the gifts of the sea. No words can even attempt to describe the touch of that moment. Her joy, her thankfulness, her spirit… all she asks is to come back to the sea. Her dream of a house, by the Maine cliffs of the captivating sea have come true, if even for only a weekend. The beauty is everywhere and I am filled with a gratitude and love for my Mom that I will never forget.

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