Mom’s story in 1993!!


This is the story she wrote for English class, April 28, 1993, and received an A-. The story was based on true facts but there are some events and names that have been changed. The ending of the story is one that made sense to her but is not real. She wrote this story as if it was me telling it (through my daughters eyes).


My mother did not want the same orderly life her mother had lived, in the same orderly kind of a house. A house that a good New England family had lived in generation after generation. A house of smothered emotions stifled beneath creaky iron armor called etiquette. She wanted something more. That’s why she went to New York City.  Against family protests Mom enrolled at New York University instead of a New England college close to home.

Upon her arrival in New York, Mom…

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“Christmas Shoes”


Well, I finished “The Christmas Shoes” last night. Very touching and heart warming.  The story points out the importance of family showing the two different lives of two families and how the smallest things do change our lives. The well to do attorney who has everything but nothing!! The simple living family who are struggling with losing their (Mom/wife/daughter) to cancer. It is so real and you can definitely place yourself in many of those situations. The attorney who is success bound and puts everything into his business leaving very little time for his wife and children. The story tells of his life from meeting his wife, to having his children, holidays at his Mom’s and what he goes through before he realizes what he has missed all these years. What is it that sets the light bulb off in his head and what he comes to realize and how…

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For Mom

Mom’s blog is started!!!


This first post starts the quest of writing for Mom through her daughters eyes. Mom has passed June 14 2008. A very loving and caring Mom with a huge calling to write. Unfortunately it never came to be.  As her only child, I  had the duty of cleaning out her apt. With a deep breath and a determination to get through it I sorted and cleaned and packed it all up. I now have a few containers of items I hope will provide some thought for posts on this blog. The past 6 years of my life have been a whirl wind of sorts and an unbelievable journey down paths I really don’t want to remember. Now that things are settling down a bit, although, still very busy trying to set things right, i hope to slowly look though and enjoy some time with Mom’s treasures. I am praying these…

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Yum!!! Papa’s cooking :-)

My sweet Bullie smelling the goods!!! 🙂


Oh boy, oh boy!!! Iz smelin it… Papa iz cooking!!

photo 2 - Copy

When Papa cooks the whole houz smells sooo good. If I beg enough sometimes Iz gets to taste it too :-).

photo 1

Okay, Iz goin go givz it a try… wish me luck         begging

Yum, yum Id get it myself but i don’t have thumbs…  🙂

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Maggie’s Voice

Maggie Mae asked me to reblog this post for her 🙂


Hi It’s Maggie Mae 🙂 You remember me right !!

i’ve been sitting right by Mommy as she worked on my blog today. Thank you Mommy, i love the way it is coming out. We need to especially say “thank you” 4Hands for the idea of the tag line “Maggie’s Voice” Me and Mommy really like it :-).

Wow!! look at the site Mommy and me just found : English Bulldog News

Here’s their  October winner He sure is cute 💖💖💖


Bullie kisses and hugs to all, Maggie


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Bulldog Poem

I love this!! This poem is for you my “Maggie Mae”!!


Baggy Bulldogs

Baggy Bulldogs

Poem by

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Oh my goodness!!! Nadia was absolutely right. I tried her recipe for the chocolate shake and it was absolutely delicious!! I added my normal hemp seed, goji berries but wow, I will be adding this to one of my favorites!! Thanks again mumanddaughter for all your great information!! Have a wonderful day!

“Live your life in the moment with passion, love and kindness”

Getting started again!!

Well, it’s been quite awhile since I’ve been around the blogging and website community. Guess you mighty say I got hung up with all the trials and tribs of life!!! After much contemplation and inner research i am seeing a much stronger and positive 60 year young female, or at least i’d like to think so. LOL   I have become interested in learning how to walk a more positive, happy and healthy life. I am learning about healthy, organic and natural foods. I have begun a routine of a morning power shake with superfoods and plant protein. I really try to live everyday with smiles and positive encounters with people I meet everyday. I love my beautiful sweet bulldog “MaggieMae”   “I am living life in the moment”

It is my intention to create a website and continue to blog…. so until we meet again God bless and live with love and kindness 🙂

Lightning and Thunder and your dog!

Lightning and Thunder and your dog!.

He’s Back!!!!


Anyone know how to stop a Wood Pecker from attacking the windows???


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