NaBloPoMo and Blogging 101

I have completed my last assignment with blogging 101. Wahoo!!! These last 30 days have been fun, interesting and quite the learning experience. Feels great!!  I am also doing NaBloPoMo, which goes till end of November, so don’t think I’ll sign up for anything else just yet, beside with Thanksgiving don’t want to be on over load 🙂

My Maggie Mae thinks this is just the best cause now I can pay more attention to her and her blog. She told me; Mommy I had so much fun with yesterday’s post that I want to do more. Please find me some more pet friends to blog with, show me some more pictures, let me write…. That cold white stuff will be falling from the sky and I will be boarded. Please, please… Maggie says; well I’m pretty sure that when I give Mommy those sad irresistible eyes she will just melt, like she always does, and I will have my way!!! Good night everyone, have a safe tomorrow… slobbery hugs and kisses to all 🐶

Maggie (2)

To Buddy

Hi Buddy, Maggie Mae here. I heard all about you from my Mommy who heard it from your Mommy, Swoosieque, :-). (please click on Swoosieque to read Buddy’s emotional story) I was a rescued Dog too!! Aren’t we just the luckiest doggies in the world. I came to Mommy from a Bulldog rescue organization on the east coast of Florida called Adopt-A-Bull Rescue. Mommy came and adopted me over 5 years ago. We sure have a lot stories too!! Maybe someday we can share more of our stories? The rain and thunder and lightning scare me so will you show me how to be braver? Mommy and I did some moving too. We pulled a u-haul behind our car. Mommy drove and I was the co-pilot :-). See, I’ll bet we do have a lot stories to share!! Well, maybe someday soon we can talk again. I heard you are not feeling that well… I’m sorry Buddy I know what it’s like to be getting older. I have a lot of gray hair, my joints are sore and it’s just harder to get around. I’m not doing bad though and the Vet says I’m not in bad shape for an old girl :-). Sorry to hear about your diabetes and that it is making you feel so bad :-(. I will pray for you and hope that you will be able to tell me more of your wonderful stories!! Bye, for now Buddy.. it was so much fun to talk to you, slobbery kisses, Maggie Mae 🙂Maggie resized

NaBloPoMo day 11 and Blogging 101

Wow, been mighty chilly over here. Roads were fairly icy this morning with wind chills below zero… Burrrr!!! Well now that winter is well on its way the bears in this area are looking for food and getting ready to hibernate! Here are some pictures of our Glacier bear friends!!!

bear crossing road


bear against tree

Well it seems as though the local bears got hungry enough to make their way down to the town of Whitefish MT. In the headlines was “Whitefish adopts emergency ordinance to keep bears away!! “Guess they were getting into trash cans and causing some scares!! I think the problem has been solved but sure did make for some interesting stories :-).


Just a few hours later!!!

If you read my previous post from a few hours ago you would have read that it was raining!! Well now look at it!! Here we go….

Sled riding anyone???


Poor Maggie, not liking it much 🙂  Let me in !!!


Monday morning commute not looking good 😦   ❄️❄️❄️

Be safe everyone 🙂

NaBloPoMo Day 9

Wow, I have made it to day 9 of NaBloPoMo and I am finishing up with the Blogging 101 course. These past 30 days have kept me busy with learning about all the tools available to us, with commitment to blogging daily and what to blog about. It has connected me to a world of bloggers with such variety, fun and blogger friendship…. Awesome stuff!!!

It was October 12th when I started up again and here it is November 9th!! I’ve kept up the daily blogging but must admit that the help I received from fellow bloggers and from the WordPress team was a big part of that 🙂 Thank you!!!

Today is a very rainy and deary day, with next week’s forecast, looking to bring in some very, very chilly arctic conditions!! So, before we get into the beautiful winter scenery of snowghost 👻 trees and snow covered mountains, which I’m sure is approaching quickly, I thought I’d finish up with the rest of the beautiful Glacier National Park awesomeness  :-),  as promised from an early post (NaBloPoMo day 6) Enjoy!!!

Glacier Nat Park 5Glacier Nat Park 6Glacier Nat Park 8Glacier Nat Park 9Kayaking at Glacier Nat Park

Cheers to the end of fall and here’s to winter 🍷

NaBloPoMo Day 8 and blogging 101

I had so much fun with my post yesterday that i think i will do the same theme but this time with 2 different blogs. These 2 blogs of today are ones that responded to me. I really enjoyed our conversations and reading their blogs.  Gosh this is so much fun!! Hope you all enjoy them as much as I have…

First, going in alphabetical order, 🙂 is Ladysighs This blog is a fantastic mix of rhymes, poems and quotes! Very well done and very creative! It is sure to bring a smile, a joy and a reflection 🙂 You should definitely give it a try if you enjoy those types of things, you won’t be disappointed :-)!!

Next is Swoosieque  Well, first off my connection is 2 fold. She loves the fur babies and so do I!! Second, cancer survivors have touched my world more than just a few times. Her blog is filled with a  great variety of creative and enlightening posts that you are sure to enjoy!! Give her a try…

Happy and fun reading to all!!

Enjoy and “live your life in the moment with passion, love and kindness”

NaBloPoMo day 7 and Blogging 101

Today’s blogging 101 assignment: Today, publish a post that links to three different blogs and tells us why we should read them.

I am doing 2 different blogs in this post as the 3rd blog, Baggy Bulldogs was used in my post for my sweet bullie blog a little earlier this evening.

The first link in this post is about the blog called Good Food and Bad Food

This is a brand new blogger who is a chef, a disabled veteran from the Vietnam war (thank you for your service to our country) and a co-author of a cookbook. He promises us some good recipes from his book. I think we may see some interesting “stuff” from him and I recommend giving his blog a whirl….  Happy cooking to the new blogger!!!

The second link in this post is about a blog called transitionally Speaking

A very good writer in a “transition and deliberately seeking change”! Looks very interesting and sounds like a lot of good blogs coming! Writing appears to be a big part of this person’s life. I am excited and anticipate some very interesting “stuff” on their blog. Cheers and happy writing with great transitioning!! I await the great writing and reading of which I and others are sure to enjoy!!

“live your life in the moment with passion, love and kindness”

NaBloPoMo Day 6

Today is a bit unusual for me. I am normally at work right now but it is very slow so I get the day off! What to do, what to do?? Well, I guess I have plenty of work around the house but think I might catch up here instead! A bit more fun :-)!!!!

Day 6 for NaBloPoMo, so far so good on keeping up. It is very interesting reading all the different blogs with all different takes on oh so many things. I am definitely enjoying!! Thank you everyone for sharing. What a great blogging community this is :-).

So with a little free time this morning I have been looking at the wonderful photographs that my future daughter-in-law took when she and my son were out here visiting. She is quit the photographer! I hope you all enjoy these pictures of Glacier National Park as much as I have. Awesome scenery!!  These are only a few of the pictures, think I’ll save some for future post’s! After all we still have some 24 days of NaBlogPoMo postings :-).

Glacier Nat Park 2 Glacier Nat Park 3 Glacier Nat Park 4 Glacier Nat. Park 1

All of this pretty much in my backyard!! Maybe 15 min or so away… Again feeling very blessed…   Enjoy your day!  Cheers 🙂

NaBloPoMo day 4 and blogging 101

For Blogging 101 Today’s assignment is to publish a follow-up that builds on the post from the day before yesterday. That would be my NaBloPoMo day 2 post. So combining the NaBloPoMo day 4 and blogging 101 assignment in reference with NaBloPoMo day 2 I begin with this:

charlie brown

I truly do believe that everyday is a gift. I thank God every morning for the opportunity of another day. I do not want to waste it but enjoy it and help others to enjoy it as well. As Ida Scott Taylor says (from the day 2 post) “Just live in today and make it beautiful that it will be wort remembering.”  Indeed everyday is a gift!! Enjoy it !!!

NaBloPoMo Day 3

Well I created another page this evening called “Bulldogs”. That was part of Blogging 101 assignment. I am finally getting the hang of using all these tools but i still have a long way to go. It is part of the journey and part of the fun and I am enjoying it all.

My Maggie Mae is really happy that I have started a Bulldog page 🙂 and can’t wait to start reading it !!  The first story is about how she and I came to be! If you would like to read about it just click on this link Bulldog’s


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