NaBloPoMo Day 2

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” One day at a time…this is enough.

Do not look back and grieve over yesterday.

for it is gone,and don’t worry about tomorrow,

for it has not yet come. Just live in today

and make it so beautiful that it

will be worth remembering.”

Ida Scott Taylor

Newbie Blog Award Weekly Feature!

Back on the road to healthy, loose the sugar addiction!!

Back on the road to healthy, loose the sugar addiction!!

My feature of the week, in following the instructions for the Newbie Blog Award, is a healthy lifestyle. It is not an easy task to give up sugar. It is everywhere and in almost everything!!! But I must say that when I follow a healthy food plan I feel so much better and have a lot more energy!

Food as your medicine


NaBloPoMo Day One

Well, I did it!! I signed up for the November NaBloPoMo. I’m committing to blogging / posting a blog everyday. Oh boy!! What have I done??? Here I go:

Day 1

Well here it is day one and I begin with my first day and first try at NaBloPoMo ! I have also received the Newbie blog award,Thank you again Jiggle One.  which means I must also do a feature every Sunday during November. This will be a fun and challenging month for me 🙂 !  This weeks feature will be getting back on the road to healthy. The last day of October (Halloween as it is know) was sugar-sugar and more sugar, oh my!! The first day of November is No more-No more Sugar please! Let’s loose this addiction 😦 ….   So, tomorrow will be day 2 of NaBloPoMo and my motivational feature of the week to inspire me, and who ever else it may interest, to move on and loose that sugar addiction!! Stay tune, stay with me and let’s venture together on a blogging journey where our life is in the moment :-).

“live your life in the moment with passion, love and kindness” and until we meet again (tomorrow, of course) may you have an absolutely wonderful day! Cheers!!!


The Dark and Cold Night

The assignment blogging 101: use dark, fridge and tears of joy or sadness.


Happy Halloween !!!!

The sky is getting dark, the ghost’s and gobbling’s are waiting at the door, witches galore….  I grab the candy from the fridge, pour it my dish, stir it up..  and

Oh me, oh wow, look at all,  let it flow, the tears of joy!!! To watch and see the little ones with glee 🙂  hee-hee

The Newbie Blog Award

I am honored and delighted to be nominated for this award. Thank you so much for this nomination Jiggle On Yes I am definitely a new blogger and learning new things all the time. I am finding so many interesting blogs and writings and thoughts and oh so many other things!!  Thank you for helping me and for picking my blog for this fine nomination. I graciously accept and look forward to oh so many more learning experiences as I make my way thought these beginning stages of blogging and the blogging community. Thank you again Jiggle On and may we continue to meet up with one another in our blogging journeys.


Let’s get down to the rules first, shall we?
•Answer the questions set by your nominating blogger
•Nominate FIVE bloggers who have not yet reached 30 posts on their blog or have less than five months of archived posts
•Ask six questions of your own for your nominees and your nominator to answer
•Choose ONE weekly feature to do and stick to it for a month or choose ONE monthly feature to do and stick to it for six months (or do both!)
•Add your FIVE bloggers to your feed immediately (if you haven’t already done so) and comment on their features
•Remember to tack it on to your sidebar so you don’t have to do a do-over (unless you want to)

So moving on to completion of the rules. My answers to your questions are:

1.) What is your favorite color and why?  My favorite color was green at one time but now it is purple. It was my Mom’s favorite color and I have come to realize how beautiful a color it really is. It seems to create a peaceful and loving aura. It adds a delicate touch to all things and it is a happy color. 🙂
2.) Tea or coffee?  Definitely coffee 🙂
3.) Do you have a hobby? If so, what is it.  No I guess I haven’t been able to get into anything lately as my life has been a bit hectic although I use to collect old post cards. Back some years ago, a friend introduced me to flea markets. That is where we did our searching for old post cards from the area we lived in. It was fun and I still have the collection.
4.) What do you look for in a friend? Warmth, sharing, trust, laughter and forever…
5.) What is your greatest fear? Dying The thought of leaving loved ones behind, missing the grandchildren growing up… the unknown… but I do trust in the higher power and have faith.
6.) What is your favorite holiday? I guess I would have to say Thanksgiving. This is a time when family and friends come together to share a meal and engage in great conversations and fond memories. It is a time of being thankful for the people in our life and the beauty that sounds us everyday. A day with family and friends is a very special time!

My nominees are:

1. Living Intentionally Simple

2. A Novice Writer

3. One Unicorn at a Time

4. Darly Lifestyle Blog

5. My Lonely Hours

I ask you the same 6 questions from above.

My Weekly Feature for a month : I think I will post, on every Sunday, an inspirational thought to follow for that coming week.


A Woman’s Post!

Something I wanted to share with the women out there….

“That Woman Is a Success….   Who loves life and lives it to the fullest; who has discovered and shared the strengths and talents that are uniquely her own; who puts her best into each task and leaves each situation better that she found it; who seeks and finds that which is beautiful in all people…. and all things; whose heart is full of love and warm with compassion; who has found joy in living and peace within herself.”

by: Barbara J. Burrowwoman success

Thought of the night!

“When work, commitment, and pleasure all become one and you reach that deep well where passion lives, nothing is impossible.”

by Nancy Coey

Blogging 101

I’ve been working on Blogging 101. It seems to be coming along, some parts a bit harder than others. Not sure if you noticed but I did change my theme but then decided I liked my original one better, so I went back :-). I want to thank all of you bloggers for your time, your “likes” and your comments. I still have a ton to learn but with patience and time I hope to get much better. Thank you again to The Crafty Lady in Combat Boots for the “One Lovely Blog” award. It has all been fun and a great learning experience. I have read many awesome blogs!!! Thanks to all.

“Live you life in the moment” with passion, love and kindness…

Some superfood websites that I use

Just some websites that I have come across and use for my healthy eating choices:

1. This is one of the items I am addicted to for my shakes, health bars and snacks. Excellent source of raw power:  shake it, bake it, eat it raw. It is called SuperFood Mix and comes in a variety of flavors. I use the unsweetened Pumpkin Seed one. Yum… I found this while living in the Venice area of Florida and now that I am no longer in Florida I order it online. They give discounts when you order more then one.

2. This site is for hemp seed, goji berries and all that kind of stuff. They have these awesome raw vegan coconut wraps! Never hear of them before but ordered them a few weeks ago… wow! I made a Turkey wrap and it was excellent.Anyway This site is called Sunfood superfoods and they also have quit a variety to choose from.

Just thought I might share some of what I use in case anyone was looking for some different healthy ideas.

“Live your life in the moment” with passion, love and kindness”


Oh my goodness!!! Nadia was absolutely right. I tried her recipe for the chocolate shake and it was absolutely delicious!! I added my normal hemp seed, goji berries but wow, I will be adding this to one of my favorites!! Thanks again mumanddaughter for all your great information!! Have a wonderful day!

“Live your life in the moment with passion, love and kindness”

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