NaBloPoMo Day 20 Maggie’s Day dream!

Mommy, yoo-hoo, down here!! Mommy Iz been day dreaming. Just a little while ago I was sittin here by you and this vision came to me. There I was sittin in our Florida garden feeling the nice warm sunshine, chasin butterflies and strollin down the garden path!!

from iphone march2014 092

Then I woke up and it was snowing… ugh!


Can we plz go back to warmth… This cold freezing air is making my paws cold and the snow is so wet..

Well Maggie lets sit down and have a little chat. “Maggie” I said, remember how you chased the kids in their sleds and had all that fun, remember how we took the walk by the frozen pond with the snow coming down and you tried to catch the ducks or how about playing in the backyard catching snowballs… Yes Florida is warm and sunny but there is no snow to play in, the grandkids are not in Florida and there would be no sleds or snowballs…  Remember we will always have our Florida memories and someday soon maybe even go back for a visit but the kids will grow fast and this is where we should be, don’t you think??

Maggie (2)

Maggie looks up at me with those eyes of her and says you knowz Mommy you iz right. I love the family more than anything and this is where Iz wants to be :-). But could you just plz remind me again, when it drops below 0 degrees, how much I enjoy it here!!!  🙂 You the bestz Mommy in the whole wide world!!!

NaBloPoMo Day 19 Four Generations

Yesterday’s post got me thinking about the 70’s again. I was married in 1975 and my son was born at the end of that year. Three years later my daughter came into the world and that’s when we decided to snag this 4 generation picture. This picture is an absolute treasure!! I love it!! Well, I had thought I lost this picture and needless to say I was devastated. As it turned out my daughter had found the picture and gave it to me for my birthday. Wow, a total rush of joy…. You just can’t replace such a precious piece of history. It was taken in 1979, Look at my curly Shirley Temple hair Lol.

four generations

Pretty cool to take a look back! I enjoyed this bit of nostalgia. Miss you Grandma, you were awesome and so was your cooking :-). Miss you Mom, so many memories… and Sandy; you have grown into a beautiful young woman that I am extremely proud of!!!      Well picture thanks for taking me back to a beautiful memory… I have definitely enjoyed it :-).

NaBloPoMo day 18 The good old days???

Wow, the good old days??  Seems like mixed memories of good and not so good, of strength and struggle, of learning and rebellion, of laughter and sadness… The days of yin and yang!! The 70’s, not even sure I can remember it all, if you know what I mean :-)!!  Let’s just say interesting era! I am here and I have survived… Life is made of memories all wrapped together creating a collage of learning moments. Even sounds like somebody from the 70’s!! (chuckle)

We had an era of some really rad and awesome songs too!!  Great bands, great tunes and great lyrics!! I’m fighting the urge to go look for my old albums :-)!  Wow, and just thought of this: remember those bell bottoms and tie dye shirts, lol.  Ya, some of that wild stuff is coming forward to memory :-). The memory she is a flowing, too funny!!  On that note…  Peace man 🙂 and a safe tomorrow 🙂

NaBloPoMo day 17

I am very tired tonight so unfortunately going to have to make it short. Think I need to hit the bed early!! So I guess a quick daily thought to meditate on might be a good thing for tonight:

“All we are asked to bear we can bear. That is a law of the spiritual life. The only hindrance to the working of this law, as of all benign laws, is fear.      —-   Elizabeth Goudge

Live your life in the moment with passion, love and kindness…. enjoy your evening my cyber friends and be safe!

NaBloPoMo day 16

A great day today… so much done. I’m feeling good :-). But… today 2 of our coffee pots met up with machine haven 😦 .  We had to say good bye to our beloved Keurig’s!!

(A silly little poem to honor our 2 great Keurig machines):

2 machines we held so dear

years and years of pleasure they did bring

memories and memories we hear

memories – memories pressed against our lips

the sound of coffee brewing in the air

Fill my cup with pleasure, no more to hear..

But, the memory we hold dear!

Warming our hands and warming our bodies

Your memory we always hold dear :-)!!

A silly but good day today! Hope you have all enjoyed your Sunday and I leave you with this thought by Mary Lou Van Atta:

The “I” that is me – you cannot see

You see only the form that you think is me.

This form that you see, will not always be;

but the “I” that is me – lives eternally.

NaBloPoMo Day 15 Daily prompt

Wow, what a day, busy..  Lots of littleness and a hair cut too. Now it’s time for the daily blog. I’m drawing a blank here so guess I’ll use the daily prompt:  Present-day you meets 10-years-ago you for coffee. Share with your younger self the most challenging thing, the most rewarding thing, and the most fun thing they have to look forward to.

Just arriving in Florida, thinking of how warm and sunny it is compared to the bone chilling air I just left! But my daughter and grandchildren are still back there… no can’t think of that now I must meet for coffee!! There she is, no there I am!! Where do I start?? So over coffee I begin…So much has happened in these years… I would have never believed this journey if I hadn’t already been down the road. I must prepare her, I must calm her and let her know it will turn out okay even when the darkest day has arrived. Be strong, have faith… believe in yourself.  “Hello” I say with a warm and loving smile, please listen carefully and know these next 10 years will be the biggest roller coaster ride of your life, as I know it so far! I know you have just met this wonderful man and will spend the next 5 years with him. It will be full of fun, lazy days, exotic and memorable trips like you have never known. It will have unbelievable learning experiences about people, places and things. You will not realize the shortness of the experience as you get wrapped up in all the glorious days and boating and dinners and cocktails thinking it will never end. It will be the most enjoying and fun time of your life as I know it so far! Please listen, it ends, it ends much to quickly and your life takes a downward turn that puts you in the darkest days of your life. Please know it will get better, you will survive. He has asked you to marry him, you jump for joy, you tell the world and life is good. The clouds roll in, darkness begins to appear… It is starting.. things are turning in the real estate market and everything is beginning to fall apart, Mom has been on dialysis for awhile now, there are now many trips to the hospital with her. Mom is getting weaker, your real estate business will take a big hit, your fiance’s real estate holdings, the ones you sold to him,  will fall, Mom will pass, he will loose all confidence in himself and just disappear… You will hit the lowest point in your life and feel no one is there. Be strong, know that it is not what it seems and even though the next years will turn to famine and you will struggle beyond belief it will begin to get better. The storm is not over but there is clearing and light ahead. I look back from the now and see how strong you will be. It amazes me to this day that we have survived! Do not forget, no matter how much you see no ending to the hurt, that here, where I am now, there is so much hope and love. I believe, I love  and I have survived, you will too!!

NaBloPoMo day 14

Again I have the day off as this week was so slow! I have used this morning to read through a bunch of blogs. Omg, so many touching stories!! I needed a box of tissues!!! The journey that so many people endure make my problems seem so ridiculously small!! May God bless all of you, as even though you have such great suffering, you still somehow manage to keep going AND give back to so many others!! Enlightening, eye opening, heart touching and overwhelming!!! The inspiration you have given me fills my day with hope, motivation and thankfulness to God. Thank you all for sharing and reaching out to others even though you are in so much pain. May I be as strong and as courageous as you. God bless and I will continue to follow your posts…

NaBloPoMo and Blogging 101

I have completed my last assignment with blogging 101. Wahoo!!! These last 30 days have been fun, interesting and quite the learning experience. Feels great!!  I am also doing NaBloPoMo, which goes till end of November, so don’t think I’ll sign up for anything else just yet, beside with Thanksgiving don’t want to be on over load 🙂

My Maggie Mae thinks this is just the best cause now I can pay more attention to her and her blog. She told me; Mommy I had so much fun with yesterday’s post that I want to do more. Please find me some more pet friends to blog with, show me some more pictures, let me write…. That cold white stuff will be falling from the sky and I will be boarded. Please, please… Maggie says; well I’m pretty sure that when I give Mommy those sad irresistible eyes she will just melt, like she always does, and I will have my way!!! Good night everyone, have a safe tomorrow… slobbery hugs and kisses to all 🐶

Maggie (2)

To Buddy

Hi Buddy, Maggie Mae here. I heard all about you from my Mommy who heard it from your Mommy, Swoosieque, :-). (please click on Swoosieque to read Buddy’s emotional story) I was a rescued Dog too!! Aren’t we just the luckiest doggies in the world. I came to Mommy from a Bulldog rescue organization on the east coast of Florida called Adopt-A-Bull Rescue. Mommy came and adopted me over 5 years ago. We sure have a lot stories too!! Maybe someday we can share more of our stories? The rain and thunder and lightning scare me so will you show me how to be braver? Mommy and I did some moving too. We pulled a u-haul behind our car. Mommy drove and I was the co-pilot :-). See, I’ll bet we do have a lot stories to share!! Well, maybe someday soon we can talk again. I heard you are not feeling that well… I’m sorry Buddy I know what it’s like to be getting older. I have a lot of gray hair, my joints are sore and it’s just harder to get around. I’m not doing bad though and the Vet says I’m not in bad shape for an old girl :-). Sorry to hear about your diabetes and that it is making you feel so bad :-(. I will pray for you and hope that you will be able to tell me more of your wonderful stories!! Bye, for now Buddy.. it was so much fun to talk to you, slobbery kisses, Maggie Mae 🙂Maggie resized

NaBloPoMo day 11 and Blogging 101

Wow, been mighty chilly over here. Roads were fairly icy this morning with wind chills below zero… Burrrr!!! Well now that winter is well on its way the bears in this area are looking for food and getting ready to hibernate! Here are some pictures of our Glacier bear friends!!!

bear crossing road


bear against tree

Well it seems as though the local bears got hungry enough to make their way down to the town of Whitefish MT. In the headlines was “Whitefish adopts emergency ordinance to keep bears away!! “Guess they were getting into trash cans and causing some scares!! I think the problem has been solved but sure did make for some interesting stories :-).


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